Wednesday, March 31, 2010

5 things I'm loving about today...

1. It is over 70 degrees in Chicagoland. I'm wearing a sundress, albeit with a cardigan. But sundresses make me oh so very very happy. This amuses my mother because I hated dresses as a child. Too much lace and ribbons and flowers and bows, too much pale pink and baby blue and light green. I felt like one of those pastel mints my Grandmother used to keep in a fancy jar on the front table. I like simple and free, flowy cotton dresses in rich, deep, saturated colors paired with flip flops or kitten heels. Sundresses equal warm weather equals the pool is opening in 66 days...

2. Iced coffee, enjoyed on the step in front of the concrete slab I call my deck. Made with sugar instead of my usual Splenda just because it reminds me of Sunday brunch made by dear BF. Accompanied by a salad of fresh tomato, basil leaves and mozzerella. Heaven. I'm serious. I heard the angels singing when I took the first bite. If you don't believe me, play hooky for the rest of the afternoon and I'll make you some. I like company...and proving that I'm right.

3. I'm not the only person in this world who uses outdated slang while speaking to normal people such as my children. (Yes, I know I just called my children normal, but just run with this for a second). Today, I overheard a father say "dude, you need to chill" in Target to his son. I wanted to turn around and say, "Duuuuude!" and give him a high five, but it wouldn't have been nearly as much fun as if my daughter had been there to witness this and be thoroughly embarrassed. So I just smiled and thanked the Target gods, who not only blessed me with this experience today, but also bestowed upon me several 75% off treasures in the clearance sections. Rock on!

4. I had a slice of toast with nutella for a snack and I don't give a crap if it pushes me over the calorie limit I set for myself today. It was crunchy and smooth and full of chocolatey goodness and was probably way healthier than the frappucino I wanted to pick up at Starbucks. So :P

5. Tomorrow is April Fool's Day, formerly known in my head as March 32nd for about the past 15 years. I have the firm belief that this year, I will actually enjoy the holiday and its Tomfoolery, or I should say Ronfoolery. Either way, I'm loving looking forward to holidays instead of dreading the stirring up of bad memories and negative emotions. Joy and anticipation is so much better than anxiety and preparation, dontcha think? And that's the best part of today - being able to look forward to the future, both tomorrow and the next 40 years, and all the goodness and joy it will bring.

What are you blessed with today?

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  1. Great list!
    1. Hmmm...watching kids eat ice cream, dripping all over themselves at the park.
    2. Kindness of neighbors as we pull off the annual egg hunt on Sat. for the kids.
    3. Finding a rocking chair at the thrift store with my dad, and then him making me turn around and head down an alley because he saw a Willey's Jeepster. He got out and drooled over it for a bit...too cute.
    4. 6 a.m. walk with my neighbor.
    5. Feeding the neighbor kids on the patio.

    Now I'm thinking I need to go find myself a sundress today...not really my thing (I'm usually a skirt girl), but you make it sound so great, that I should give it a try! :)