Thursday, April 1, 2010

A love letter

My dear April, 4th month of our calendar year, how you are loved. I'm so thankful you have returned; please unpack your bags and stay a while.

You are sunshine bleaching out the last bit of greyness from my winter. You are fingers free of mitten's clutches. You are windows open while I sleep so that the birds can chirp me awake again in the morning. You are warmth.

You are mists that make me turn my smiling face to the sky to soak it in. You are fat raindrops that make me stomp my joyful feet through puddles. You are loud booming thunderclouds before the torrents arrive, giving the children plenty of time to jump into bed for a parent's embrace. You are cleansing.

You are the softest young grass that feels precious upon my toes. You are squishy, noisy mud that makes my children laugh and my laundry double. You are my favorite bouquet of daffodils, tulips and irises. You are blooming.

You are nourishing to my soul, my dear April, and you are worth far more than 30 days of celebration...You are a favorite friend.

Welcome home.

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